Where does rigor live within effective writing instruction, and why is SEL essential to its success?

Is your writing instruction rigorous, with your students actively engaged in the work of making meaning as they write? And what role does social and emotional learning (SEL) play in successful writing instruction?

In this webinar, we explore these questions with Principal Samantha Coy of Burgess Elementary School and Corwin author John Antonetti. Learn how these education leaders have partnered to bring thoughtful, student-centered writing instruction to Burgess Elementary through the implementation of the Being a Writer curriculum.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • The difference between engagement and cognitive engagement (rigor)
  • Cognitive engagement’s implications for classroom instruction
  • The importance of students’ engagement with the thinking, not the product
  • Specific classroom practices that support rigorous and engaging writing instruction
  • The vital instructional role of SEL and how it enables effective writing instruction for all students

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