Inclusive Texts Matter: A Roundtable Discussion about Reimagining Classroom Libraries and Lessons

This roundtable discussion explores the importance of texts that act as windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors for the students we serve. Students must see themselves and experience others' stories in the texts they encounter. In the one-hour webinar, we focus on best practices and practical considerations to help practitioners reimagine their classroom libraries. Topics include:

  • How can we deepen our analysis of the texts we use to add greater nuance to our selection processes?
  • Why might we consider the cumulative message within our book sets as a whole?
  • How might we think about inclusive texts in nonfiction?
  • How does inclusive literature contribute to instructional equity? 
  • How can we acknowledge the exploration of our personal biases and understandings that are necessary to engage in this work?

Featured Panelists:

  • Dr. Jane Bean-Folkes, South Orange-Maplewood School District
  • Jill Eisenberg, Lee & Low Books
  • Qorsho Hassan, Minnesota State Teacher of the Year 2020
  • Dr. Kenneth Kunz, Monmouth University
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