Why AfterSchool KidzScience Works

AfterSchool KidzScience kits are designed specifically for out-of-school settings. Leaders can set up and clean up the activities quickly and do not need a background in science to teach the concepts. These cooperative, inquiry-based activities help children build their science knowledge through hands-on exploration and experimentation that's fun and memorable. 

Tell Me About the Training

Every AfterSchool KidzScience kit has a How-to video clip to help you understand what to expect in the session, how to explain the main learning goal, and how to prepare, use, and clean up the materials. Each kit also includes a set of Leader Tips videos that demonstrate strategies for guiding and managing children through the activities.

"I really enjoyed leading the activities, and the format of the lesson plan was easy to follow and comprehensive."
AfterSchool KidzScience instructor

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