Foundational Skills Instruction: Why Differentiated Learning and Small-Group Instruction Are Key to Student Success

On-Demand Webinar

One Size Does Not Fit All

In this recorded webinar, we explore why one size does not fit all when it comes to effective foundational skills instruction.

Our panel of literacy experts:

  • assess the essential elements and components of small-group reading instruction and mastery learning
  • unpack the benefits of differentiated instruction in promoting educational equity and addressing the unique needs of each student in order to accelerate their learning
  • discuss the practical implications of this approach
  • examine the requirements to manage this strategy effectively in the classroom
Linda Diamond is the co-author of Teaching Reading Sourcebook, Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, and Vocabulary Handbook. Linda is the author of this recent white paper: Small-Group Reading Instruction and Mastery Learning: The Missing Practices for Effective and Equitable Foundational Skills Instruction.  Dr. Nancy Young is an educational consultant, creator of “The Ladder of Reading & Writing" infographic, and co-editor of the book Climbing the Ladder of Reading & Writing: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners (in press, 2024).  Dr. Matthew K. Burns is a Special Education Researcher and Professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is the author of over 210 articles, book chapters, and books.

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