Webinar: Developing Cognitively Independent Readers and Thinkers in Grades 3–6

How can we set up our students for success in the upper-elementary grades? To thrive amid the increased academic and assessment-related demands in grades 3–6, students must develop as cognitively independent learners.

But what does this mean in practice, and how do we get there? This webinar explores these questions through a literacy lens with a panel of experienced upper-elementary educators. Topics include:

  • The fundamental role of engagement in creating the conditions for independence
  • Why teaching students how to think about their reading is too often overlooked
  • How whole-class and small-group reading comprehension instruction can model the practices and strategies necessary for students to become independent learners
  • The pitfall of over-scaffolding—how do we intentionally shift the cognitive load to our students?

Featured Panelists:
 - Stacey Abeyta, Academic Specialist, Napa Valley Unified School District, CA
 - Tamara Williams, Reading Interventionist, Seminole County Schools, FL
 - Liz Weiermiller, Instructional Coach, Newark Central School District, NY


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