Book Clubs

Collaborative Classroom Book Clubs for Grades 3-6

A Reimagined Way to Empower Student Literacy, Independent Reading and Small Group Learning

When students love books, they can’t put them down and can’t resist talking about them. Inspire a love of literacy and explore a whole new way for readers to learn together through Collaborative Classroom Book Clubs.

Utilizing research-based best practices for small-group reading, Collaborative Classroom Book Clubs provide the foundational lessons for setting up independent, student-led book clubs and a variety of mini-lessons that can be used to support and deepen book discussions.

What’s Included:

  • A Teacher’s Manual containing lessons for Small-group Reading and Book Clubs
  • Sets of carefully selected, grade-appropriate fiction and nonfiction texts used during the lessons
  • Digital resources including articles, assessment forms, and images


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