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2021 Summer Institute Keynotes

View keynotes by Zaretta Hammond, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Peter Brunn, the distinguished speakers for Collaborative Classroom’s 2021 Virtual Summer Institute, “Learning Reimagined: Fostering Agency and Independence,” on June 22–24, 2021. 

Hammond_Headshot_Media-2_Casual-150x150"Literacy as Liberation: Building Authentic Student Agency through Reading Instruction" by Zaretta Hammond

Reading is the epicenter of equity. It is a power tool we must put in the arsenal of students in our quest to help them become leaders of their own learning. But too often, we only focus on the technical aspects of reading instruction and don‘t invite the student into the social and cognitive process in a meaningful way. Our driving question should be: How do we leverage the science of reading and the science of learning to foster authentic agency and independence over compliance? In this keynote, Zaretta Hammond explores what it means to help students find their own intellectual curiosity around reading, words, and ideas that becomes their "why" for deeper literacy learning. 

Elyse_Headshot"Don‘t Worry; We Got This: From Connected Learning to the Writing Workshop" by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, National Writing Project

As challenging as the 20–21 school year was, it did provide a context for our professional learning and for young people to follow their interests in new ways. In this keynote, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl draws on conversations with teachers and student writers alike about small victories and important insights from our collective experience that should inform our practice in the writing classroom as we reimagine learning.

Peter_Brunn_244x317-150x150"What In The World Do We Do Now? Revising Our Teaching And Reexamining Essential Practices" by Peter Brunn, Collaborative Classroom

In this keynote, Peter Brunn invites us reflect on the idea of revising our teaching practices to ensure that we are holding onto the things we truly value and deem essential. With educators facing so many competing priorities and demands, he explores ways to ensure that what we do in our classrooms are in fact the things that matter most.

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